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Five Things You Missed About Cruising #4 Holland American Line Upgrades

All Shiny and Chrome.

Holland America Line is investing over $300 million dollars in fleet-wide enhancements in the coming years.  The first ships, Eurodam and Oosterdam have already enjoyed their portion of the improvements and the remainder of the fleet will cycle through during routine dry dock visits.
"Our suites are the epitome of luxury and pampering, and the new amenities and upgrades will ensure that our suite
guests will continue to enjoy the finest in cruise accommodations.  
We have an ongoing program in place to keep our ships looking fresh, but dry-docking gives us an opportunity to take enhancements to the next level to ensure we deliver the elements that make up the Holland America Line cruise experience." said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line's president.

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Five Things You Missed About Cruising: PokemonGo at Sea.

PokemonCruise I Choose You!

We kick-off this week's FYTMAC with something we had to hear to believe, even if somehow it is utterly unsurprising.  During a webinar by a Carnival representative on an entirely unrelated topic, it came to light that yes, people are playing PokemonGo at sea.
Artists impression of Pokemon at sea.
Your FYTMAC scribe is headquartered in the cruise capital of Wood County, Ohio: Bowling Green.  As home to Bowling Green State University, the last few weeks of the PokemonGo craze have seen every square inch of quiet college town crawled over by students and townies seeking Pokemon as though they are lost winning Powerball tickets.  

Five Things You Missed About Cruising #1 - The Return of Costa.

Five Things You Missed About Cruising #1

The Return of Costa Cruises to St. Thomas.

Costa Cruises, the Italian line owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, returned to St. Thomas this March.  According to the line, the absence from U.S. ports of call was due to the increase in requirements for passengers outside of the United States.  Since 9/11 travel from U.S. ports on itineraries visiting American territories such as the Vigin Islands and San Jauan have been largely unimpacted.  This is due to most of the burden of screen passengers is done prior to a cruise starting.  In the case of ships departing from non-U.S. ports that subsequently visit these territories it becomes time consuming to clear customs.  With most stays in-port lasting a matter of hours, such delays can prove untenable for the cruise lines.

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