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Five Things You Missed About Cruising

While you were away, here are five things you missed about cruising last week! 

Carnival “evaluating” advertising agencies.

Majestic Princess' New Face

Like the change of the seasons, taxes, and death, you can always count on a cyclical review of advertising agencies by the cruise lines.  Royal Caribbean International selected Mullen Lowe as it’s new lead agency mid-2015 and Norwegian Cruise Line onboarded two agencies under the Omnicom Group last summer.  This time it appears Carnival has started a review, if not of the agencies representing them, than at least how much they are spending and with whom.  The news was reported first by AdAge and industry publication and is starting to make the rounds online.  On the record Carnival states it is not formally reviewing it’s agencies but it is hard to parse the difference between what they announced and doing just that.  

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