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Five Things You Missed About Cruising - 9/17/2016

Mobile Terminal Set to Host Carnival Following Renovations.

Having withdrawn from the Mobile market in 2011, Carnival Cruise Lines is due to resume service out of a newly refreshed terminal in November.  The city of Mobile refreshed the decor and upgraded the facilities to add check-in desks along the same standard seen at the major ports in Florida.  

Thomson Cruises to Acquire Legend of the Seas-

The Vision class ship, Legend of the Seas, will move from Royal Caribbean’s fleet to Thomson Cruises in May 2017.  Launched in 1990 she is one of six ships of her class which preceded the Voyager of the Seas and current move toward substantially larger vessels throughout the industry. Though smaller by half than Voyager, the Vision class is well regarded.  The move of Legend and eventually her sister ships to another fleet is less a mark of quality than simply the growth of Royal Caribbean.

Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets Stuffed-

Carnival will add Build-A-Bear Workshops starting with the Carnival Dream in summer 2017.  If you have kids, simply plan on spending now.  If you are a parent, you realize as this author does how inevitable buying something will be.

Sometimes a daddy has to do what a daddy has to do.


"Sometimes a daddy has to do what a daddy has to do."

Adventures in Drydocking-

Royal Caribbean’s third Voyager class ship, the Adventure of the Seas, will undergo a sixty-one million dollar series of upgrades.  A FlowRider surf simulator, water slides and new children’s water park are being added.  In addition, Izumi, Chops and Boleros will be added to the ship.  What is going to prove interesting is where on the ship an additional 100 cabins will be placed.  Were one to speculate, the Viking Crown Lounge is likely to be cannibalized, as will the deck space above the bridge.  The shame of this is an ongoing compromise of the ship as an environment one can escape within, enjoy the sea, the air, the discrete nooks which one could find a sense of privacy.  

Captain Cave Innovation

The Innovation Lab is a new facility noted on Cruise Aficionados previously.  It is a state of the art research and design center for Royal Caribbean designed to aid it in keeping pace within an increasingly aggressive industry.  Royal Caribbean released this video giving an overview of the structure.


Five Things You Missed About Cruising - 9/11/2016

Costa to build two for China-

Costa has secured an agreement with Fincantieri, the Italian shipbuilder, to build two ships for 2019 and 2020.  Each carrying 4,200 passengers they will surely mean the ship is a follow-on to the Vista class Carnival has begun to deploy.  These news vessels will sail out of China and designed for that market specifically.  If Costa retains the existing ships deployed in the Chinese market it will have five.

MSC Gets Gas-

MSC Cruises will build a minimum of two and possibly up to four liquefied natural gas powered cruise ships, each with exceeding 200,000 gross tonnes and carrying over 5,400 passengers.  To be built by STX France at a cost exceeding four billion dollars, they will begin to enter service in 2022.

Star Clippers Get The Wind-

It isn’t a Dutchman, but the Flying Clipper will join her four other sail driven sisters in the Star Clippers fleet.  Carrying an modest 300 passengers the ship will be the largest among the sailing ships the line offers.  She will enter service in 2017.

Flying Clipper

Driving On Water-

Norwegian Cruise Line will launch the China based Norwegian Joy in just under a year.  The ship will introduce a new feature, unique in the arms race of innovation driving the industry.  For the first time a go-kart track and cars will become “a thing to do” at sea.  

Craft Brewing on Carnival-

The new Vista class set sail with it’s own contribution to the list of things you can do at sea, featuring the first IMAX theater at sea.  However for those especially keen on enjoying a drink, Carnival has partnered with Concrete Beach a craft brewer based in Miami.  They will guide the creation of unique brews on the ship itself, rather than stocking a shore-bottled beverage.

Carnival Adds Craft Brews 

Five Things You Missed About Cruising: Royal Genies

Yapple Dapple!

A butler by any other name is a Royal Genie for passengers staying in Star Class accommodations aboard Royal Caribbean Ships.  Trained and certified by the British Butler Institute, these men and women provide 24 hour a day service, engaging reservations for dining, entertainment and shore excursions.  Likewise they can provide for everything from unpacking your luggage to cleaning and laundry while you are cruising.
Royal Genie? Yes.
However if you are expecting black and white butler uniforms complete with white gloves you will be disappointed.  More fitting the modern surroundings Royal Caribbean has gone so far as to commission custom uniforms that are contemporary though still formal enough to give the men and women a distinctly different look from the ships crew at large.
The Star Class accommodations are the pinnacle of cruising on Royal Caribbean.  However one should consider the suites that are part of this class can manage more than a traditional couple cruising on their own.  Indeed the cost per passenger declines considerably if one travels with kids or family.  Up to 8 passengers can be accommodated in some of the Star Class suites.  Several members of the Cruise Aficionados community have actually sailed in the high-end suite and it noted how close to a more common stateroom in cost per person.