Wit and wisdom about cruising by "Cruisefucius" the renowned guru and cruise philosopher.  

Cruise Wisdom - With Cruisefucious.

The young man spoke more truth than he knew as he advised his sister that "If it doesn't move, it's a Hotel," as they watched Oasis of the Seas enter Port Everglades.

Cruise Wisdom - By Cruisefucius

“The greatest mistake in cruising is not risking booking the wrong one, but in failing to book another one."



Cruise Wisdom - Colorful Question

Cruisers are fed,

The sea is blue,

What it is about cruising,

That makes it special to you?


Spend a little time every day thinking about being on a cruise ship.  When you find the day running long, think about the sounds of the ship, the smell of the ship, and let it take you back there for awhile.  It works.