U by Uniworld has some amazing ships.  State of the art river cruise ships with only the most modern decor and features, the brand was created by Uniworld as an attempt to capture a chunk of the so-called "Millenial" generation.  To facilitate this Uniworld choose to go with an under-45 age cap.  I sat through three online presentations for this brand and found the concept exciting and appealing. Yet I am also nearly at the age limit and reluctant to 1. invest in a brand that will tell me to go away in a couple of years. 2. marrying across the generational divide, reluctant to invest in cruising with a brand that would limit my ability to travel with my wife and family.  It appears I and others had reservations about the age limit and with only a few weeks until the initial voyages, Uniworld announced the age limit was being dropped.  Additionally there were sharp drops in prices observed by several media outlets.

What is more, the brand seemed intent to treat the Millennial generation as a single group, which is absurd given the size and range of ages. I look back to a recent example of my own god father who drove north to Ohio in his BMW SUV. The transmission failed as he reach the exit to my flat-blessed home in Bowling Green, Ohio, after driving from North Carolina. Naturally, the local BMW dealer sent a truck to pick-up his vehicle and set about fixing the issue. In the several days he and his wife were visiting family, he drove a KIA Soul. By the time he turned the car in he expressed how much he and his wife enjoyed and were impressed with it. It was an example of a basic truth, that there are no lines you can draw which generations young and old won't cross, often unexpectedly.

It is one thing for the forthcoming Virgin Voyages to create an all-adult cruise experience. It is entirely another to attempt to lay claim to an entire generation of cruisers by discriminating against the previous ones.

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