In order to serve our community from shore to ship and back, Cruise Aficionados (CA) is assembling experienced and new agents to become part of our Cruise Corps Travel Services team. CA can provide you with a means to continue or grow your existing travel business or to get an easy path to begin to profit from your passion for travel.  

CA seeks to extend and enhance the cruise experience through digital offerings, services and real world gatherings which help make cruising part of every day.  We do this through online communities for learning about and sharing the experience of cruising.  We host real-world “Cruise Coffees” and “Cruise Nights” recreating and stoking the urge to cruise.  We walk our members through how to make cruising a daily lifestyle.  To complete the circle, we are offering the means to book a cruise through our Travel Services team.

Moving at your own pace, we will set you up with the means to access travel from cruises, hotels, to airfare.  We are an ideal opportunity for new travel professionals want to make a start with no pressure.  For established and part-time agents CA can be a ideal place to stay in the game or be ready for those opportunities you happen into.  We provide a professionally maintained online community you can keep your clients engaged through without having to always push the “hard sell.”  

Submit the form below to get started and explore other roles with us!

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